Instant 27001

Confluence based ready-to-run ISMS for ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, ISO 27799, NEN 7510, BIO and MedMij

It is often assumed that implementing an Information Security Management System (ISMS) is difficult, time consuming and only attainable for larger organizations. The ISO documentation leaves too much room for interpretation and hiring an expensive consultant seems inevitable.

This is where we come in.

Instant 27001 is a ready-to-run ISMS, pre-filled with all required documents. This includes policies, procedures and even a complete risk analysis. Following the provided “10 steps to certification”, you will be ready for certification in weeks instead of months.

Built on experience

Instant 27001 is based on the knowledge that we gathered consulting and auditing hundreds of (IT) organizations, collaborating with many different auditors and certification bodies world wide.

We have included everything that has proven to work and left out the stuff that is not really necessary: ISO 27001 made easy!

Unlike other commercially available “template sets”, all our examples are developed with the same organization in mind. As a result, the content is consistent and coherent. The risk register is linked to the correct annex A controls, which in turn match with the provided policies and procedures.

And if your organization happens to be that small to medium sized IT company, that does software development and/or delivers SaaS, you are in luck! You’ll only need to dot the i’s.

Proven track record

Since its launch in 2017, Instant 27001 has helped numerous organizations all over the world to become certified. Auditors report back that Instant 27001-customers have an above average comprehension of ISO 27001 and the workings of the ISMS.

As a result, Instant 27001 offers the highest success rate available on the market today. In fact, we offer a risk free money back guarantee: if you don’t pass the stage 1-audit the first time, we will refund your purchase!


But instead of taking our word for it, let’s hear it first hand:

Instant 27001, with its automated and linked functionalities, has sped up the process of our ISO 27001-implementation by many times. We love the way how all stakeholders can collaborate on-line!


Maurice heeft ons aan de hand van Instant 27001 begeleid om ISO 27001 te implementeren. Het ingebouwde controleplan helpt mij om de verschillende activiteiten door het jaar heen uit te voeren en met behulp van de automatisch gegenereerde in control statement kunnen we aan onze klanten aantonen hoe wij voldoen aan de eisen vanuit ISO […]

Anita Lagerwaard, AML Interservice

Instant 27001 voor Confluence is een onwijs handige tool voor onze klanten. Het versnelt hun proces van implementatie en het is overzichtelijk. Het maakt een ISMS levend in plaats van een statisch document. Wij raden het zeker aan!

Mehrdad Noushazar, Cloud IT

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  • Guidelines and best practices for all parts of the standard (chapters 4 through 10 and controls A.5 through A.18)
  • Complete risk analysis featuring 36 common threats
  • Examples for all required policies and procedures
  • Administration of assets, changes and incidents
  • Automatic generation of risk treatment plan, statement of applicability, self check schedule and audit plan
  • Importing content from Word and PDF
  • Exporting content to Word, PDF and HTML
  • Based on Atlassian Confluence

Instant 27001 walkthrough


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If you are not yet ready to buy the ISMS, you can also opt for the PDF version, featuring the same content. It is always possible to upgrade later, you will only need to pay the difference!

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