In short, yes! ISO 27001 describes a management system, making sure information security is top of mind. It makes sense to start with this as early as possible, as it is always more difficult to make changes to an existing organization.

It is true that smaller organizations, such as start-ups, scale-ups, small or medium sized enterprises, often have a more difficult time implementing ISO 27001.

  • The ISO documentation leaves much room for interpretation
  • Template kits that can be found online are too generic and/or too bloated
  • There is little to no budget to hire a consultant

This is where we come in

Instant 27001 is a ready-to-run ISMS, with all documents required by the standard. All content is written with the same small IT organization in mind. All you need to do is read the requirements and adjust the provided documentation to make sure it matches your organization.

You can do all that at your own pace, thus getting your organization ready for certification one step at a time.

After implementation, you can even decide to postpone certification to a later date. This gives your organization time to adjust to new ways of working. Even without a certificate, ISO 27001 has proven to be useful to many organizations.

Do I need to hire a security officer?

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