Instant 27001 is available in two versions, named Core and Complete.

Instant 27001 Core is a trimmed down version, that still contains the renowned Confluence ISMS structure and all explanations, but is delivered without the sample policies, procedures and/or risk assessment.

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Instant 27001
Instant 27001
Pages for all (20+) clauses of the high level structure, including instructions
All required (15+) sample pages for scope description, stakeholder analysis, roles and functions, internal audit plan and management review
Sample (35+) risk analysis
Template to add own risks
Pages for all (114) Annex A controls, including instructions
Automatically generated Statement of Applicability
All required (10+) sample policies
Template to add own policies
All required (10+) sample procedures
Template to add own procedures
Samples for asset, change and incident management
Templates to add own assets, changes and incidents
Risk free money back guarantee
Pricing€ 1495€ 1995

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