Jira is a popular ticketing system that is often used in organizations with a strong focus on IT service management or software development. It has also proven to be a great way of automating all of your recurring ISMS tasks.

The Jira Companion provides automation, insight and workflow for common ISMS tasks

This add-on can be used in conjunction with Instant 27001 and is compatible with all cloud versions of Jira (Jira Free, Jira Core, Jira Service Desk, Jira Agile and Jira Software).


  • Creates a new Jira environment with three projects
  • Each project contains customized item types, workflows and boards to ensure optimal compliance with ISO 27001
  • Record incidents (A.16.1.x) and non-conformities (clause 10.1)
  • Track changes (A.12.1.2) and improvements (clause 10.2)
  • Schedule recurring monitoring items (clause 9.1) and operational tasks (8.1)
  • Reference Confluence pages from Jira items
  • Reference or create Jira items from Confluence pages
  • Embed Jira reports on Confluence pages


Due to a design limitation, it is not possible to import individual Jira projects into an existing Jira instance, as importing a Jira backup will overwrite any existing projects.

As a workaround, you can import the backup into a (temporary) new Jira instance and use a third party tool (Jira Project Configurator) to migrate the projects to your existing site.


  • Jira Companion add-on: € 995 (for existing Instant 27001 clients)
  • Instant 27001 + Jira add-on: € 2990

Excluding applicable taxes (read more)

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