Since the beginning, the sorting algorithm in Confluence Cloud has been different from Confluence Server. To overcome this in Instant 27001, all Annex A controls have a space in the title (A._5.1.1 instead of A.5.1.1) – else all reports would start with A.10.1.1.

Early 2022, Atlassian has updated ticket CONFCLOUD-33068, indicating this has been fixed. This also implies the sort order might be wrong on your Instant 27001 site. This is the case when your Statement of Applicability now actually starts with A.10.1.1, like so:

While this is technically not in violation of any ISO requirement, fortunately there’s an easy fix. Here’s how:

  • For each Annex A control between A.5 and A.9 (39 in total), rename the page (this can easily be done from the page tree):
  • Remove the space between A. and the number (and press enter)

Please note

As can be read in the Jira ticket, the sort order is not (yet) fixed for all macros. This means, that after renaming your pages, the Children Display and Content By Label macros will sort the wrong way around.

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