These instructions are for importing the Jira Companion in an existing Jira instance (one that already contains projects and items). If your instance is still empty, you can use the instructions for Importing Jira Companion (new instance).

1. Preparing the temporary instance

2. Importing the projects

  • Start the import process by navigating to Settings > Import and Export > Restore system

As opposed to the recommendation, it is not necessary to split the backup file

  • When prompted what to do with imported user data, choose the third option (this means that any users referenced in the backup file will not be added to your site)
  • Click Import data and upload the provided backup file
  • Importing the backup will take a few minutes

It is not necessary to import media files separately (as they were still included in the backup file)

  • Go to Projects > View all projects to make sure you see the three new projects (Changes, Incidents and Monitoring) are there

3. Migrate the projects into your existing Jira instance

4. Importing the automation rules into your existing Jira instance

The JSON file (containing the automation rules) should be imported separately

  • Start the import process by navigating to Settings > System > Automation rules > > Import rules
  • Do not forget to enable the rule:

5. Remove the temporary Jira instance

  • Go to > Products and remove the temporary Jira instance

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