Jonathan Reichbach Streamsoft Inc

The decision to use Instant 27001 was easily the best move towards our ISO 27001 implementation. The organization and assistance made our certification a straightforward process.

We could not imagine doing this without Instant 27001. Highly recommended!

Jeroen van Rossum Cobytes

I’m thrilled to say we got certified today!

Instant 27001 not only saved us a lot of time and hassle but it also helped me out with feature-rich content. The best part is the synergy between Confluence and Jira. We automated every recurring check with ease.

I would recommend Instant 27001 to everyone, it is really phenomenal!

Tim Coleman

Tasked with moving our ISO 27001 paper-based manual online, along with achieving both NEN 7510 and MedMij certifications, my search ended with the Instant 27001 product line! I wish I had found this when I first set out to implement ISO 27001, it would have saved months of work.

Dionysis Linardatos Cambrian Technologies

Achieving the ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certifications seemed like a daunting task at first. With the Instant 27001 framework, and expert guidance of Maurice, we were able to cut our implementation time in half!

The framework really helped us by providing pre-filled templates and samples that can easily be adapted to our own organisation. It allowed us to focus on the implementation of ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 instead of having to build an ISMS framework to begin with.

Hans van der Last Aenova

Instant 27001 is a very handy out-of-the-box ISMS that offered us the much needed structure in Atlassian Confluence for setting up our information security according to the ISO 27001 standard, in a relatively small period of time.

Thanks to Instant 27001 and the help of Maurice we have passed our ISO 27001 certification audit with flying colors, and well within the planned time frame!

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