Eelke Toonstra Medicit

Thanks to the structured design and approach, Instant 27001 enabled us to focus on information security itself instead of setting up a management system. It made becoming NEN 7510 certified less complex and time consuming.

Martijn Verhoeven Open HealthHub

A huge advantage of the ISMS of Instant 27001 is that the system is pre-filled with examples that are recognizable to us and it is based on Confluence, which was already used within our organization for software development. Thanks to Instant Management Systems we feel in control of information security!

Raymond Mookhram Aeonfl@x

Instant 27001 is an essential tool for small an medium sized organizations in the health care industry!

Farhad Taghavi Speakap

The NEN 7510 add-on has been very important in obtaining our NEN 7510 certificate. Thanks to this add-on, the path towards certification was very smoothly and we were able to easily keep an overview and add structure.

Valeria Burgos ITBM

With Instant 27001 we managed to organize and generate all the policies and validations necessary to achieve certification in less than 2 months after we started. The process was easy, dynamic and thanks to Instant 27001 and Maurice Pasman we can now say that we achieved ISO 27001 certification!

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