Edward Bedell Genovo

For Genovo, implementing ISO 27001 was more about enhancing our security posture than achieving a certificate. Essential for this is creating a very maintainable ISMS, that has to be accessible for employees to ensure awareness throughout the organisation.

Instant 27001 guided us through our ISO 27001 implementation in a streamlined way, providing a great seed for best practices such as policies and procedures, that could be easily adapted to fit into our existing organization and match our company’s culture.

Another benefit of Instant 27001 is that it streamlines the auditing process, as all documentation is always there where you expect it to be. This pleased both the auditor and us. And because Instant 27001 is based on Confluence, there are many plug ins available that allow the ISMS to grow with us in the years to come.

Stefan Götz BioBam Bioinformatics

Instant 27001 was a great help for BioBam Bioinformatics during the process of achieving our ISO 27001 certification.

It’s not a secret that any certification process is a lot about documentation. With Instant 27001 we managed to have everything within one place in our already existing company Confluence system. Without Instant 27001 the whole process would have been (and would be in the future) far more arduous.

Thanks to our quick start using Instant 27001, we achieved certification within 9 months and are not worried about the continuous improvement of our ISMS. Worth the investment, no doubt!

Joris Sartorius Green Mini Host

As a company providing IT infrastructure, information security is vital to our core business and customer satisfaction. To prove that we’ve raised the bar high, we decided to get certified for ISO 27001 and ISO 9001.

Instant 27001 helped us achieve the certifications in less than 3 months. It provided a great framework to hook our existing policies and security practices and documentation into. The Confluence base is great as it can be adapted to business needs and size with ease, and becomes the go to place to track all ISMS related content and evidence.

The instructions and planning provided are very clear and a great guidance to make sure you don’t miss a single requirement. You’ll be prepared and feel confident for the audit days.

We have reviewed several ISMS systems, and while others might look more comprehensive, we missed a lot of flexibility that Instant 27001 provides. I highly recommend the system to any organisation starting out with ISO implementation!

René Ceelen TestMonitor

In the last year, ISO 27001 compliance has become a knock-out criterion for many new clients. Faced with this new reality, TestMonitor has opted to use Instant 27001 as the basis for our implementation.

What appealed most to us, was the lean approach towards compliance. Using the built in risk assessment, we could quickly assess which aspects needed improvement.

We are proud to say that the entire process did take no more than 3 months, and we passed the audits with ease!

Mohamad Haroon Mopinion

Mopinion has chosen Instant 27001 to help make the processes, administration and work required to achieve ISO 27001 certification simpler by having everything managed in one platform and it has done exactly that! 

The platform guided us to see what still needs to be done and gave us practical content, tips and tools in order to meet the ISO 27001 requirements. We’ve found Instant 27001 an incredibly adaptable and flexible platform which has easily enabled us to go from zero to certification in 16 weeks!

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