Sebastiaan Neele InBrain

Thanks to Instant 27001, one of the biggest questions (“where do we start”?) was an easy one. The well-structured system gave us an easy to use guideline to implement the whole information security management system.

An ISO implementation is never a small project, but with Instant 27001 and the advice of Maurice it was always clear where we stood and what we still had to do.

The certification audit therefore was more like a formality than anything else.

Joost Eijkenboom MiGuide

As a startup company, creating an information security and quality management system from scratch is no easy task. Thankfully, Instant Management Systems provided a simple yet structured backbone to implement these management systems.

Combined with some advice from Maurice Pasman, we swiftly managed to achieve certifications for ISO 27001, NEN 7510 and ISO 9001!

Gus Minor Sofvie Inc.

Working with Instant 27001 was a breeze! We were able to structure our guidelines, standards, policies and procedures quickly and get all of the items required to successfully gain credibility. Having everything in Confluence made it easy to put in place and communicate to my entire team. Moreover, documents can be crosslinked to my core projects to make it be part of how we do things rather than a side item made bringing the team up to speed and engaged in the standards seamless.

Instant 27001 allowed us to become certified within three months, thank you for the great framework and guidance!

Jacqueline Spruijt ClockAssist

Being tasked with the implementation of ISO 27001, we did not know where to start at first. Thankfully, we found Instant 27001! Thanks to the built-in project planning and the clear examples, we started with confidence. And ended with a great result, having achieved ISO 27001 certification within 6 months! We would not have been able to do that without Instant 27001 (and some personal guidance of Maurice).

The Instant 27001 ISMS has proven itself to be indispensable. Do yourself a favor and start with Instant 27001. Highly recommended!

Peter Kuperus Lepaya

Lepaya is an internationally operating blended learning provider, and as such, we process confidential data. An ISO 27001 certification helps in assuring our clients that their data is safe with us.

Instant 27001 made the process so much more easy and, dare I say, even enjoyable! The whole process, from start to audits, took no more than three months. It would have been next to impossible to achieve this if we had to start from scratch.

Thanks once again for the help and the great system!

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