Peter Kuperus Lepaya

Lepaya is an internationally operating blended learning provider, and as such, we process confidential data. An ISO 27001 certification helps in assuring our clients that their data is safe with us.

Instant 27001 made the process so much more easy and, dare I say, even enjoyable! The whole process, from start to audits, took no more than three months. It would have been next to impossible to achieve this if we had to start from scratch.

Thanks once again for the help and the great system!

Wendelien Boom Ascender

Ascender is a leading psychological service provider in the field of work & health. We count many large and smaller organizations, healthcare providers and insurers among our clients. Quality, flexibility, reliability and information security are of paramount importance. It was therefore a logical step to achieve ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certifications.

This daunting task was greatly simplified using Instant 27001, with explanations and guidance from Maurice. We successfully completed the certifications and look back on a very pleasant experience!

Ranco Marcus Epirion Knowledge Solutions

Thanks to Instant 27001, and expert guidance from Maurice, we were able to successfully implement our ISMS and get certified for ISO 27001.

Instant 27001 is a well-structured and complete set of documents that gave us a tremendous head start when setting up our ISMS. Based on many years of experience auditing, Maurice has compiled a system of best practices that could be tailored to our specific needs with ease.

Conclusion of our auditor: we have demonstrated a very well organized, documented and operational management system. Instant 27001 has been key to that success!

Néstor Ferrando Triple Cherry

Being tasked with implementing an ISMS to comply to industry-specific regulations, Instant 27001 has proven to be a great starting point.

We passed the audit with only some observations. The auditor complimented us: all the info was clear, concise and easy to find. Instead of giving him a ton load of documents, we just gave him read-only access to the ISMS space in Confluence!

I would recommend Instant 27001 over any other approach. Congrats for creating such a great product!

Edward Bedell Genovo

For Genovo, implementing ISO 27001 was more about enhancing our security posture than achieving a certificate. Essential for this is creating a very maintainable ISMS, that has to be accessible for employees to ensure awareness throughout the organisation.

Instant 27001 guided us through our ISO 27001 implementation in a streamlined way, providing a great seed for best practices such as policies and procedures, that could be easily adapted to fit into our existing organization and match our company’s culture.

Another benefit of Instant 27001 is that it streamlines the auditing process, as all documentation is always there where you expect it to be. This pleased both the auditor and us. And because Instant 27001 is based on Confluence, there are many plug ins available that allow the ISMS to grow with us in the years to come.

Start your ISO 27001 journey today!

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