Tom Fuyala 11Ants Analytics Group Ltd

11Ants supports enterprise size retailers across the globe.

Instant 27001 is effectively the infrastructure for 11Ants’ ISMS. It supports not only the documentation creation and maintenance, but also the ongoing management of our wider system. We looked relatively extensively and have yet to see anything which matches it in terms of flexibility, ability to reduce complexity into simplicity and overall elegance. Instant 27001 has also introduced significant efficiencies to both our internal and certification audits.

The team at Instant Management Systems have built an amazing solution and we cannot speak highly enough of it.

Tony Slamet VZVZ

VZVZ has been certified since 2019, but with several scope extensions, our Word and Excel-based ISMS gradually became unmanageable. In 2021, we have decided to use Instant 27001 as the basis for our re-certification.

Instant 27001 has been a tremendous help in creating order and structure and has also led to new insights! The auditor complimented us on the integration of information security within the organization.

Kate Kesby WYDA

WYDA is an early-stage software company providing business acumen learning software to top tier tech organisations globally. We have stringent and evolving requirements regarding security and compliance, and it is a business necessity to be ISO 27001 certified for our continual growth and to maintain the trust of our customers.

Instant 27001 was the perfect product for our small team to enable us to embark on our certification process efficiently, as well as improve our understanding of our organisation and processes, uncover any gaps and work purposefully towards certification. Instant 27001 ISMS allowed a smooth auditing process working through all the documents, policies, processes, evidence and requirements systematically.

With Maurice’s coaching and generous feedback, we secured our ISO 27001 certification in under 4 months!

Frank Fanteev

As a B2B startup, a large part of our business is dealing with large corporations who take their security very seriously.

With the help of Instant 27001 and continued support from Maurice we were able to get the ISO certifications within 6 months!

This was a great opportunity for us to review all parts of our organisation from the security perspective as well as a certification that proves our dedication to our clients. 

Tiago Rosado

What a fantastic system! If you’re looking for great, simple and flexible tools to get your ISO implementation started, then this is it. If you already have experience using Atlassian JIRA and Confluence, the choice is even simpler.

From the beginning Instant 27001 provides you with the necessary guidance and steps to start your ISMS (ISO 27001) or PIMS (ISO 27701) and is powerful and flexible enough for more advanced users. Want to have a 5×5 risk matrix? Want to change the look and feel, have new templates or alter the existing ones? It’s all possible, no outside consultancy necessary.

On top of that, the support is fantastic and always on time, and the cost/efficiency is just unbeatable.

All our clients have passed certification the first time.
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