Instant 27001 helps organizations to implement ISO 27001 the fastest way possible, with the highest success rate available on the market today!

Since the launch in 2018, we have helped hundreds of organizations world wide improving their cyber security posture, preventing data breaches and improving their competitive stance – all at the same time.


Instant 27001 is delivered as a Confluence space backup, containing:

All ISO 27001 requirements and controls

  • Contents of all (26) requirements of the management system
  • Contents of all (114) Annex A controls
  • Instructions and sample implementations
  • Templates to add custom requirements and controls (e.g. from other standards)

A complete risk assessment

  • (±35) IT related risks, ready for (re-)estimation
  • All risks are hyperlinked to the relevant Annex A controls
  • Template to add own risks
  • Automatically generated risk treatment plan

All documents, policies and procedures

  • Supporting documents (SWOT analysis, stakeholder analysis, scope description, roles and functions, objectives, awareness presentation)
  • Policies (±20)
  • Procedures (±15)
  • Templates to add own policies and procedures
  • Automatically generated Statement of Applicability

All necessary registrations

  • Asset management (workstations, phones, systems and (cloud) services)
  • Suppliers
  • GDPR processing register
  • Legal and contractual requirements
  • Changes
  • Incidents and non-conformities

Full PDCA support

  • Integrated monitoring on all requirements and controls
  • Automatically generated monitoring plan
  • Internal audit program
  • Sample for (internal) audit report
  • Sample for management review


Instant 27001 is sold as a one-time (perpetual) license, for one (1) organization/instance. There are no hidden charges, no maintenance fees and no recurring costs. After you purchase the content, its yours. Forever. Just like a book!

€ 1 995

Excluding applicable taxes (read more)

Additional services

Create your own silver, gold or even platinum support package, by combining these services:

  • Consultant on demand (a senior consultant is on call for all your ISO related questions)
  • Internal audit (a certified auditor will perform an internal audit, preparing you for the actual certification)
  • Penetration test (a white hat hacker will test the security of your platform)

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