Instant 27001 is available in three versions, so there is always a product that fits your needs!

Instant 27001 Complete

This is our main product. A fully featured ISMS based on Atlassian Confluence ready-to-run with instructions and all sample documentation (risk analysis, policies, procedures and more).

This version is designed for small and medium sized organizations, including start-ups and scale-ups, looking for the most efficient way to become ISO 27001 certified.

Instant 27001 Core

This is a trimmed down version. It still contains the renowned Confluence ISMS structure and all explanations, but is delivered without the sample documentation.

This version is designed for organizations or consultants that already have developed their own documentation, who are in need for a more structured document management solution.

Instant 27001 Content

In essence this is a PDF or HTML export of Instant 27001 Complete. It is perfect for organizations that already have a generic ISMS or GRC tool, but are in need for ISO 27001 instructions and sample documents.

Feature comparison

Instant 27001
Instant 27001
Instant 27001
Pages for all (20+) clauses of the high level structure, including instructions
Template to add custom clauses (e.g. from other standards)
All required (15+) sample pages for scope description, stakeholder analysis,
roles and functions, internal audit plan and management review
Sample (35+) risk analysis
Template to add own risks
Pages for all (114) Annex A controls, including instructions
Template to add custom controls (e.g. from other standards)
Automatically generated Statement of Applicability
All required (10+) sample policies
Template to add own policies
All required (10+) sample procedures
Template to add own procedures
Sample awareness presentation
Samples for asset, change and incident management
Templates to add own assets, changes and incidents
Support for (internal) audits
Risk free money back guarantee
One time license fee€ 1.995€ 1.495€ 995

That’s it! There are no hidden charges, no maintenance, no recurring costs. After you purchase the content, its yours. Just like a book.

Depending on your location, local taxes may apply (read more).

Additional services

Create your own gold, platinum or even kryptonite support package by combining these services:

  • Set up (we will set you up with a new Confluence cloud instance and import/merge your Instant 27001-spaces)
  • Consultant on demand (a virtual consultant is on call for all your ISO related questions)
  • Internal audit (a certified auditor will perform an internal audit, preparing you for the actual certification)
  • Instant pentest (a white hat hacker will test the security of your platform)

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