Emely Middelkoop DEARhealth

The Dutch branch of DEARhealth was established in August 2019 and had set the very ambitious goal to obtain ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certifications by the end of that year. I have been involved in the implementation of several management systems that took well over a year, so I was skeptical, until one of our technology partners recommended us to take a look at Instant 27001.

Once I got started on the implementation and I became familiar with it, I started believing that it might actually be possible to achieve the impossible. The built-in structure follows the standard and contains instructions for each step, making it super easy to swiftly go through every aspect and make adjustments to the provided samples. 

If only I had known this existed before! Instant 27001 is a must-have for every organisation that wants to certify for one of the available ISO/NEN standards and will save you and your team a lot of hassle, paper, time and money. I am so enthusiastic about this brilliant tool and therefore happy to give further information to anyone that still has any doubt whether or not to buy the tool.

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