Instant 27001 helps organizations to implement ISO 27001 the fastest way possible, with the highest success rate available on the market today!

Since the launch in 2017, we have helped hundreds of organizations world wide in implementing ISO 27001 and improving their cyber security posture.

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Instant 27001 will give you and your clients a kickstart. No time is wasted to setup an ISMS, instead you can immediately delve into the fun stuff, such as executing the risk analysis and customizing policies and procedures.

You will cut your implementation time in half, which benefits everyone!

You can work with your client both on and offsite, opening new and more efficient ways of cooperation!


It is not needed to follow any training in order to become our partner. Experience with ISO 27001 or ISO 9001 would be nice, but is also not a requirement. We are here to back you up in case you need any assistance.


Our primary goals is to sell licenses, so any requests we get for additional services (such as consultancy and audits) will be passed on to our local partners.


Instant 27001 is developed and maintained in English, but we allow our partners to develop and maintain localized or translated versions, to accommodate for any regional or cultural differences.


  • Let #instantsuccess translate to you and your clients 😎
  • No training, certification or experience required
  • You will receive a healthy discount on licenses
  • You will get access to our demo environment so you can demonstrate the product to your prospects
  • You will receive leads to provide additional services, such as consultancy or an internal audit
  • You will get the possibility to develop localized versions

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