ISO 27799:2016 is a standard for information security, specifically developed for the healthcare industry. It is based on ISO 27001:2013 and bears great resemblances. The standard contains 32 prescribed implementations for existing ISO 27001 controls, as well as 3 new ones. As the prescribed implementations still comply to ISO 27001, one can maintain one Information Security Management System (ISMS) for both standards at the same time.

ISO 27799 is relevant for all organizations that offer services to the healthcare industry

This add-on contains all 35 ISO 27799-specific controls, together with instructions how to implement them and samples. It can be used with or without Instant 27001.

Key benefits

  • Contain instructions how to update an existing ISO 27001 implementation
  • Implementation guidelines for all 35 extra requirements that ISO 27799 imposes to the Annex A controls (A.5 to A.18)
  • For each control the extra impact is indicated, as compared to ISO 27001

Add-ons are delivered as a package for Confluence or Microsoft 365. Instructions for activation and merging are provided.


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