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As a company providing IT infrastructure, information security is vital to our core business and customer satisfaction. To prove that we’ve raised the bar high, we decided to get certified for ISO 27001 and ISO 9001.

Instant 27001 helped us achieve the certifications in less than 3 months. It provided a great framework to hook our existing policies and security practices and documentation into. The Confluence base is great as it can be adapted to business needs and size with ease, and becomes the go to place to track all ISMS related content and evidence.

The instructions and planning provided are very clear and a great guidance to make sure you don’t miss a single requirement. You’ll be prepared and feel confident for the audit days.

We have reviewed several ISMS systems, and while others might look more comprehensive, we missed a lot of flexibility that Instant 27001 provides. I highly recommend the system to any organisation starting out with ISO implementation!

All our clients have passed certification the first time.
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