ISO 27001 made easy

Instant 27001 is a ready-to-run ISMS, that contains everything you need to implement ISO 27001
This includes a complete risk register and all resulting policies and procedures. Following the provided project planning, you can prepare yourself for certification in a matter of weeks - rather than months (or years).

Guaranteed results
Instant 27001 is developed by senior security and compliance consultants, and has been vetted by hundreds of auditors around the world. All our clients have passed their audits the first time. Join them today!

ISO 27001 made easy

Key features



Contains all you need to implement ISO 27001 - and to keep it going



Following the built-in instructions you can do it yourself, at your own pace



Highest success rate available on the market today

Forget Word and Excel

Instant 27001 was developed as a wiki from the ground up. And unlike generic template sets, all our content was written with the same organization in mind. As a result, the system is consistent and coherent. The risk register is linked to the correct annex A controls, which in turn match with the provided policies and procedures. And if your organization happens to resemble a small to medium sized IT service provider, you are in luck! You'll only need to dot the i's.

Built-in instructions

Instructions are provided for each individual chapter and control, allowing you to setup your ISMS with ease!


Context of the organization

First, you start by getting a better understanding of your organization and identifying your stakeholders and the requirements they might have.


Complete risk register

The risk register is pre-populated with a list of 36 common threats. You can start by estimating these first. Custom risks can be added using the provided template.


Sample documents

All documents are kept lean and mean. This means they are simple to read, simple to understand, but most of all: simple to implement!


Statement of applicability

The SoA is generated automatically by accumulating the information entered earlier on the pages of the controls.


Monitoring and measuring

All controls in the ISMS can be expanded with check details, this information is used to automatically create the monitoring plan.


Highest success rate on the market

Since our launch in 2018, we have helped hundreds of organizations to achieve ISO 27001 certification. Moreover, auditors report back that Instant 27001 clients have an above average comprehension of ISO 27001 and the workings of their ISMS.

As a result, Instant 27001 offers the highest success rate available on the market today. To underline this, we offer a risk free money back guarantee: if you don’t pass the stage 1-audit the first time, we will refund your purchase!

Highest success rate on the market


All our clients have passed certification the first time.
Join them today!

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