Implement ISO 27001 in a matter of weeks!

Instant 27001 is a ready-to-run ISMS, filled with all required documents, based on best practices
This includes a complete risk register and all resulting policies and procedures. Following the provided project planning, you will be ready for certification within weeks instead of months.

Built on years of experience
Instant 27001 is based on the knowledge that we gathered consulting and auditing hundreds of (IT) organizations, collaborating with many different auditors and certification bodies world wide. We have included everything that has proven to work and left out the stuff that is not really necessary: ISO 27001 made easy!

Implement ISO 27001 in a matter of weeks!

How it works


Get Instant 27001

Import Instant 27001 in your own Confluence site.


Follow the checklist

Familiarize yourself with the provided content, making changes where necessary.


Get certified

Ace the audits and earn yourself an ISO 27001 certificate!

Forget Word and Excel

Our ISMS was developed as a Wiki from the ground up. And unlike other commercially available “template sets”, all our examples are written with the same organization in mind. As a result, the content is consistent and coherent. The risk register is linked to the correct annex A controls, which in turn match with the provided policies and procedures.
And if your organization happens to be the organization that we had in mind (a small to medium sized IT company, that does software development and/or delivers SaaS) you are in luck! You'll only need to dot the i's.

Implementation instructions and examples for all chapters and controls

The 10 steps to certification provide a great way to start your implementation. It shows you all necessary activities to become certified. To allow for a better resource planning, an estimation is included here as well.


Context and stakeholder analysis

An important part of the “Plan”-phase, is to get a better understanding of your organization, the stakeholders and the requirements they might have.


Risk register with 36 common threats

To speed up the process, a list of 36 common threats is provided. We suggest you to start with evaluating these first. When needed, new risks can also be added based on the built in Risk-template.



All policies are defined on their own page, for easy hyperlinking and redistribution (content can be exported as Word or PDF files).


Statement of Applicability

Instant 27001 does this automatically, by accumulating the information entered earlier on the pages of the controls.


Monitoring and measuring

To do this, the security controls can be expanded with Check details, this information is then gathered to automatically create the Self check schedule report.


Highest success rate on the market

Since its launch in 2017, Instant 27001 has helped numerous organizations all over the world to become certified. Moreover, auditors report back that Instant 27001-customers have an above average comprehension of ISO 27001 and the workings of the ISMS.

As a result, Instant 27001 offers the highest success rate available on the market today. In fact, we offer a risk free money back guarantee: if you don’t pass the stage 1-audit the first time, we will refund your purchase!

Highest success rate on the market

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