Karolien de Kimpe OHMX.bio

OHMX.bio provides a complete R&D platform to help our customers resolve their biological questions through cutting-edge technology in different –omics fields. We provide start-to-finish project management from sample preparation to customized data analysis.

The demand for data protection, in accordance with ISO 27001 requirements, grew among our clients. In the search for an (information security) management system, Instant 27001 seemed very attractive with all included templates. We were pleasantly surprised with the ease of use of this system. The more we utilized it, the more tools we uncovered to facilitate the implementation process. The system’s structure also offers a clear overview of the standard, aiding in understanding its functioning and interactions. After the internal audit, and some additional insights of Maurice, we were well-prepared for certification, which proceeded seamlessly.

Due to the user-friendly nature of the implementation process, we promptly decided to integrate the ISO 9001 add-on as well, which also resulted in a successful certification very soon after. At this point, when confronted with standards or regulations, our initial reflex is to explore the availability of an Instant add-on, given our high satisfaction with our prior experiences.

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