Instant 27001 is delivered as a one-time (perpetual) license, for one deployment. This means, that you can install it once, on one server, for one organization. The price of the license depends on the organization’s size and structure (read more)

This page explains how we handle specific use cases.

#1: “Can we use Instant 27001 across all our subsidiaries?”

A holding company can use just one license, as long as:

  • All subsidiaries use the same ISMS (one scope, one risk analysis, one set of documents, one Statement of Applicability)
  • The license is in the name of the holding company, and
  • The holding company is the legal entity that is subject to certification

If the subsidiaries are independent organizations however, one single ISMS is often too rigid (and very complex to certify, too). You could regain flexibility by using multiple instances of the ISMS, but that would of course require a license for each subsidiary.

#2: “We have recently merged, can we use Instant 27001 in other parts of the organization now?”

In principal, the license cannot be transferred to another legal entity without our written approval.

If the new structure meets the stipulations as above, we are likely to agree. Contact us for the possibilities.

#3: “Can I share my policies outside my organization?”

Yes, of course. Once you adapt/adopt them, they are yours, and you are free to distribute them to any of your stakeholders (in fact, ISO 27001 even requires you to do so!).

#4: “Can I buy one license and then use it for all my clients?”

While this looks a bit like the previous use case, commercial use is not allowed. Consultants can use Instant 27001 together with their clients, as long as they are each individually licensed.

We do however run a partner program, so you could be the one selling Instant 27001 to them (and earn a healthy profit along the way!).


  • One license is valid for one ISMS deployment
  • The price of the license depends on the organization’s size and structure (read more)
  • It is not allowed to resell or redistribute (parts of) Instant 27001 to other organizations, irregardless of their relationship (that includes subsidiaries, customers, partners and holdings)
  • If you want to use (parts of) Instant 27001 with your clients, consider becoming our partner
  • The licensing model is further described in our Terms and Conditions

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