In our experience, most IT companies (such as SaaS providers) are already following industry best practices. Procedures are followed and policies are in place, even though they may not be documented. As such, the only thing that is missing is substantiation.

Instant 27001 takes your organization as-is and builds a management system against it, with simple policies and procedures to back it up. Go through the supplied risk register to make sure you haven’t missed anything – and you’re good to go.

Sure, you will need to review the provided documents to make sure it matches your organization, but because they were written with IT service providers in mind, you will find that most of the work is already done.

The average time spent on an ISO 27001 implementation using Instant 27001 lies between 10 to 20 days*. Apply yourself just one day per week, and the implementation can be done within 3 months.

*) Your mileage my vary based on the size or maturity your organization.

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