Instant 27001 will help you become ISO certified – guaranteed. If you do not pass the stage 1-certification audit the first time, we will give you your money back.

Yes, that’s right, a money back guarantee!

To qualify for a refund, all you need to do is send us a copy of the stage 1 audit report within 12 months of purchase; which must clearly state:

  • This has been a formal stage 1-audit, performed by an accredited certification body;
  • The implementation is based on Instant 27001;
  • Your organization is not yet ready for the stage 2-audit (stage 1 needs to be redone);
  • The non-conformities are related to an incorrect design of the management system (failure to perform a proper risk analysis, internal audit or a management review is considered a failure in implementation);

In other words, we cover any defects in the purchased content.

Here’s the small print:

  • The name on the audit report should match the name on our invoice;
  • The issuing certification body must be accredited for ISO 27001;
  • The money back guarantee applies to add-ons only:
    • When purchased together with Instant 27001;
    • If the certification body is accredited for these additional standard(s);
  • The money back guarantee does not apply to Core or Content licenses;
  • If the payment was done in a foreign currency (e.g. USD instead of EUR), the refund will be corrected to compensate for exchange rates and the cost of the money transfer.

After the refund, you may still continue the use of Instant 27001!

100% first time success rate!
Start with confidence.

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