Sebastiaan Kager C-quential

Excellent. Have implemented this set at multiple customers over the last few years. Maurice has provided top-class support over the last few years and Instant 27001 is always up-to-date with the latest version of the standards. Smart use of the aggregation, templates and elements within Confluence.

Patrick Berends Toomba Digital Agency

At first, we has started off our ISO 27001 journey with Word and Excel files. We soon came to the conclusion that managing all those documents can become very labor intensive. There had to be a better, faster and more convenient option, right? So after some Googling we found Instant 27001, and the demo immediately convinced us.

Instant 27001 has helped us enormously in shaping the ISMS, and because of this the audits also ran smoothly. We have had a blast and definitely recommend Instant 27001!

Peter Russell Straker Translations

When Straker Translations took the plunge into gaining ISO 27001 certification, we looked for a comprehensive solution to support our ISMS needs and ongoing maintenance of the system.

Instant 27001 is the framework we chose, with an easy-to-import Confluence framework that slotted into our existing architecture with ease.

The provided templates and documentation structure gave us the confidence to build our ISMS in an achievable timeframe and we attained certification within 9 months!

Jan Güntner XITASO GmbH

Instant 27001 has been a great help in quickly and efficiently implementing our information management system, integrating with the tools we use in our daily business of software development!

Arjen Staallekker Nitea

Information security and GPDR compliance are paramount to Nitea, so achieving certification for ISO 27001 was a logical next step.

By the first looks ISO 27001 can be overwhelming, but Instant 27001 has been a great help every step of the way. It provided us with a solid baseline, and the built-in examples saved us loads of time.

The whole trajectory from start to certification went very smooth and took us approximately 6 months!

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