Danny Gorter CircleLytics

Instant 27001 helped us to achieve our certification within six months! The best part is that it has a logical interactive structure, which makes it future-proof and easy to maintain. The ISMS already plays an active role in our organization, ensuring that everyone knows what is expected of them.

Ronald Kingma Access42

For Access42, it is important to provide secure and reliable services to our customers. With the implementation of ISO 27001, and the eventual certification, we show that we are in control and that the processes surrounding information security have been implemented correctly.

Instant 27001 has helped us enormously to set up a fully-fledged ISMS relatively quickly and easily. In combination with Maurice’s knowledge, we were able to become certified within 6 months!

Jelte Jansen Ionite

Instant 27001 has been a tremendous help implementing ISO 27001, from the very first steps to the audit, and staying in control of information security after that.

The Confluence based package saves a lot of work structuring the ISMS, and its templates are great for policies, changes, incidents and other related documents. Together with Maurice’s expertise, this makes Instant 27001 an easy recommendation for anyone looking to implement ISO 27001.

Felix Spira SkillLab

It’s really amazing how easy you have set up this Confluence space! If only I had heard of this years ago!

Edward Bakker VendorLink

Using Instant 27001, we achieved certification in under six months!

We found the process to be very easy and straightforward, we have received a lot of positive feedback during the audits.

All our clients have passed certification the first time.
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