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Getnoticed is a digital recruitment agency, supporting organizations from small businesses to world wide enterprises with their online recruitment proposition. Most of them make use of Serena, our own recruitment CMS.

Because we process sensitive personal data, large enterprises often demand an ISO certificate. We didn’t have any, but always succeeded in getting the assignment. More than once with compliments from the security department. This is when we decided to make sure we receive the certificate that belongs with the hard work.

At first we just downloaded a copy of the standard and started documenting things in Google Docs. After a while, the stack began to grow and we came to the conclusion this was very labor intensive and error prone. Being convinced we were not the first ones with this problem we asked around, and sure enough someone suggested us to take a look at Instant 27001.

During a demo of Instant 27001 for Confluence with the Jira Companion, it became clear this was the tool we needed to make sure we could maintain our ISMS in the way it should. It also helped us during the audit phase, making sure everything went smoothly. The Jira Companion helps us to keep track of all changes and incidents. It is perfect to make sure all recurring tasks are planned and executed in time.

I can recommend it to everyone!

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