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Information security has become top of mind for businesses all around the world. On one hand regulations like the European GDPR made us all aware of our responsibilities in safeguarding confidential information especially related to personal information. While on the other hand the ever-increasing series of security incidents have revealed the continuous economical vulnerability of our IT ecosystem.

As COERA we are in the midst of this IT ecosystem by engineering and operating IT systems for our clients and with that we must take our responsibility by having a clear information security policy and relentlessly operating an Information Security Management System (ISMS).

Implementing a management system like ISO 27001 can easily be overwhelming, that’s why we chose to kickstart the project with Instant 27001, a prefab ISMS implementation targeted at small and mid-sized IT companies. This has proven to shave weeks, if not months, off of our implementation time.

Next to that, we automated ourselves the operational part of the ISMS using Atlassian Jira to periodically schedule all prescribed audits and control verifications and keep track of the incidents and non-conformities. With both of those systems and corresponding processes in place both the internal and external audit went very smoothly.

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