Confluence is your remote-friendly team workspace where knowledge and collaboration meet

Confluence is developed by Atlassian and integrates seamlessly with its siblings Jira, BitBucket and Trello. Confluence Cloud is hosted with AWS. Both Atlassian and AWS are ISO 27001 certified, so your data processing is GDPR compliant.

Now, let’s look at how all of this is leveraged by Instant 27001!

Space permissions

Confluence is organized in spaces. A space holds all pages for a specific team or project, such as your ISMS.

The space administrator can invite team members to cooperate and define their individual permissions (like read, write or review).

Template based

You can create new pages based on templates, to make sure all content looks the same way and no important information is left out.

Instant 27001 comes with templates to add your own policies, procedures, risks, changes, incidents and more!

Version control

For each page in the content management system, Confluence keeps track of version history.

This makes it possible to determine exactly when a certain change was done, and by whom

Next to that, it is possible to show the differences between certain versions.

Very useful if you want to see how a certain policy, procedure, risk or incident has developed over time.

Review and process feedback

Team members can review your documents and leave their feedback using in-line comments.

Editors can reply to these comments and mark them as Resolved once processed.

Import and export

Pages can be imported and exported in various formats, such as Word, PDF, HTML or XML.

To create your own look and feel, CSS properties can be configured to make sure the PDF files align with your corporate identity.

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