Florian Klante glueckkanja-gab AG

Wir wollten das Rad nicht neu erfinden, sondern uns auf Menschen verlassen, die Informationssicherheitsmanagement als ihre Kernkompetenz ansehen. Deshalb haben wir uns mit Instant 27001 für ein System “von der Stange” entschieden, bei dem der Rahmen bereits vorgegeben war und wir ihn nur noch mit Leben füllen mussten.

In nur 10 Monaten haben wir unsere Geschäftsbereiche Managed Services und Produktentwicklung im ersten Anlauf erfolgreich zertifiziert!

Robert Dirks Aviobook

The flying start of Aviobook relied on knowing its customers’ demands and being able to emphasize what they need before they know it. Same goes for the implementation of ISO 27001, the industry is highly regulated but the regulation doesn’t demand specific management systems in regards to cybersecurity.

To make sure it arrived at its required destination, Aviobook looked into an organization that could direct and help them safely land the ISO certification. In that, Instant 27001 was identified as the ideal partner to help us save valuable business resources and acquire the certification. The implementation of the framework took less than four months, making the supply chain that Aviobook belongs to, more secure.

Lucas Lina Lina ICT

Working with our customers over the years, compliance and security has been become more and more part of everyday business activity. Therefore we, as a managed service organization wanted to ramp up our organization and get ISO 27001 certified. But as a small company, where do you start?

With Instant 27001, we found the perfect solution to create, update and maintain our ISMS and it provides all the necessary tools to work and comply with ISO 27001. The system is extremely intuitive and helps you get a good understanding on how to stay in control. Literally get’s you going within minutes!

Mees van Wel Hexa-IT

As Hexa-IT started growing from a small hosting company to the SaaS provider we are today, our security had to grow along. We saw it a mandatory goal for us to implement ISO 27001.

At first, it felt like we’ve entered an endless dark tunnel. Fortunately, we came across Instant 27001 and we felt empowered to begin our journey.

The whole trajectory (from start of implementation leading to certification) took no more than 4 months, I am told that is blazingly fast :-). With Instant 27001, almost anyone can understand and implement ISO standards. Seeing is believing!

Wei Wei Siauw Conexxia

Conexxia Pty Ltd is an IT consulting company based in Australia, India and the Netherlands. We provide end-to-end IT solutions to clients in various industries. In June 2021, we began our ISO 27001 certification journey. As a small-medium business, we were conscious of our limited resources and investment.

We consider ourselves lucky to have found Instant 27001. Immediately, it set us off on a path of EASE, AMAZING PRICE VALUE and knowledgeable LOCAL SUPPORT in Australia! We were proud ISO 27001 certified by December 2021!

We honestly couldn’t have set up our ISMS in that time frame and price without Instant 27001. I had no prior experience or knowledge of ISO 27001 but was able to “master” Instant 27001 straight away. The positive feedback and compliments during the audit should unquestionably also go to Maurice and his team.

All our clients have passed certification the first time.
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