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Instant 27001 for Confluence is a very useful tool for our customers. It accelerates their implementation by manifold and it is well-structured. It brings the to ISMS life and we definitely recommend it!


Instant 27001, with its automated and linked functionalities, has sped up the process of our ISO 27001-implementation by many times. We love the way how all stakeholders can collaborate on-line!

Anita Lagerwaard AML Interservice

Using Instant 27001, Maurice guided us during the implementation of ISO 27001. The built-in self check schedule helps me to carry out the various activities throughout the year and with the help of the automatically generated in control statement we can demonstrate our compliance towards ISO 27001 and GDPR!

Peter van der Reijden Faculty of Skills

I wish I had known of Instant 27001 before we started implementing ISO 27001, it would have saved us weeks of work, literally. The world needs this!

Rik Mulder ILUMY/Plek

Using Instant 27001, we can easily demonstrate to our customers how we comply to ISO 27001, NEN 7510 and BIR!

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