Instant 27001 is delivered as a space backup, ready to be imported in your own Atlassian Confluence environment.

If you are not already using Confluence, these are the options to get you started:


Confluence Cloud is managed by Atlassian (compliance statement) and hosted with Amazon Web Services (compliance statement).

Free version

The easiest way to get started is the free version. While it offers most of features of the Standard (paid) version, it lacks the possibility to define permissions on space level. This means that users have either no, or admin access to the spaces. There is no read-only option.

If you will use Confluence only for Instant 27001, this might be acceptable. And it is always possible to upgrade to the Standard version later.

Standard version

The Standard version has a few advantages over the Free version:

  • Access to Atlassian Support
  • More flexibility in configuring permissions
  • The possibility to select the geographic location of your data (coming soon)
  • Configure custom domains (coming later)

You will be billed monthly based on the amount of active users, at $5 per month.


As of Februari 2021, it is not possible anymore to obtain new Server licenses (view official statement).

Installed Server instances will continue to receive updates for the next years to come, and Instant 27001 content will work in Server as well.

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