By default, the Instant 27001 space has “ISMS” as space key. In case you already have a space in your Confluence instance with that key, you need to manually alter the import file before importing it. Here’s how:

1. Update the space export file

1.1 Update the content

  • Unzip the space export file
  • Open entities.xml in a decent text editor (like Notepad++)
  • Open the search and replace dialog (ctrl + H)
  • Make sure “Match case” is checked
  • Replace all occurrences of <![CDATA[isms]]> with <![CDATA[newspacekey]]>
  • Replace all occurrences of <![CDATA[ISMS]]> with <![CDATA[NEWSPACEKEY]]>
  • Save the file

1.2 Update the metadata

  • Open in a text editor
  • Replace spaceKey=ISMS with spaceKey=NEWSPACEKEY
  • Save the file

1.3 Update the zip file

  • Re-add the modified files to the zip file (e.g. by drag-and-drop, if you did it right, Windows will ask if you’d like to overwrite the existing files)

1.4 Update add-ons (optional)

For each other space that contain references to the ISMS space (such as add-ons), execute the following steps to remap the hyperlinks to the new space key:

  • Repeat step 1.1
  • Replace all occurrences of ri:space-key=”ISMS” with ri:space-key=”NEWSPACEKEY”
  • Repeat step 1.3

2. Test the space export file

  • You need a test instance. If you do not yet have one, create a (temporary) free instance
  • Import the space
  • If the import did not succeed, this can be due to three reasons
    1. You re-zipped the entire folder and as a result the file is not in the /root of the zip (Could not locate in the archive)
    2. The import file has been corrupted when altering. Retry the whole process
    3. No apparent reason at all, just Confluence bogging down. Retry the import once more
  • After the import has succeeded, open the space and check if everything works like expected
  • The test instance can now be deleted

3. Import in production

After you have confirmed the space export file functions, import the space backup file in your production instance.

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