Instant 27001 (and all add-ons) are delivered as a zip file containing a space backup. This backup can be imported in any existing Cloud or Server site without unzipping it.

0. Optionally: Create user groups

Instant 27001 spaces are pre-configured with permissions set to the following groups administrator (system group, space administrator), i27001-read (can read and comment) and i27001-write (read, write, delete).

If you make sure these groups exist before running the import (using, the permissions are retained, and you can skip step 3!

You can add users to these groups later.

1. Import the space

  • Log in to Confluence as an administrator
  • Select Settings (⚙)
  • In the Administration section, select Import Spaces
  • Click Select file and point to the zip file containing the space backup
  • The file will be uploaded
  • Click Import
  • Optionally, click Import another space if you’d like to import more spaces (e.g. an add-on)
  • Click Next
  • You can skip Jira macro repair (as Instant 27001 does not use them)

2. Remove unnecessary users

When restoring a backup file, Atlassian will automatically add users (that are referenced in the backup, e.g. authors of the content) to your site. While this is harmless in itself (these users do not get product access, nor do they receive invitations) we still recommend you to double check User Management ( and remove these users:

3. Space permissions

In case you need to re-configure the permissions to the Instant 27001 space:

  • Select Settings (⚙)
  • In the Security section, select Space permissions
  • Click Manage Permissions next to the space(s) you have just imported

If you are using the Free version, you will see this dialog:

If you do not wish to give all users full access (which includes admin and export permissions), you can (temporarily) upgrade your site to the Standard plan:

  • Select Try it now to start a 14 day trial
  • Configure the permissions as you wish
  • Do not forget to downgrade in time (via

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