Arno Franken Cyber Cloud

Wij zijn Cyber Cloud, een onderneming op het gebied van penetratietesten en softwareontwikkeling. Informatiebeveiliging is voor ons van essentieel belang. Daarom hebben we gekozen voor Instant 27001, een Confluence-gebaseerd systeem voor het opbouwen en inrichten van een managementsysteem voor informatiebeveiliging in lijn met de eisen uit ISO 27001.

Instant 27001 was een uitkomst voor ons. Het systeem bood ons een eenvoudige en praktische oplossing om een managementsysteem voor informatiebeveiliging op te bouwen en in te richten. Het proces was gestroomlijnd en alle informatie was duidelijk en overzichtelijk. Ook zijn we al volledig voorbereid op implementatie van de nieuwe 2022 versie van de norm.

We zijn er trots op dat we het ISO 27001 certificaat hebben ontvangen. Het toont aan dat klanten en leveranciers nog meer vertrouwen in ons mogen hebben en dat wij informatiebeveiliging onze hoogste prioriteit heeft.

Instant 27001, bedankt!

Mark Visser hihaho interactive video

Following just the ‘official’ documentation of the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard, it seemed quite a challenge for us to meet our initial ambition to be certified within a year. The approach and design of Instant 27001 turned out to be a convincing guideline for drawing up our own ISMS.

Instant 27001’s consistent reference structure has helped us immensely, both in quickly navigating the multitude of generic requirements and in establishing a system that bears the stamp of our own organization. That’s what we wanted for hihaho interactive video, and that’s what we got!


Stefan Kröner MeisterLabs

Instant 27001 saved us a lot of work by providing a practical and ready-to-use ISMS. It’s also very flexible in case you want to modify or extend it, since it is based on Confluence!

Hareenda Ranasinghe Easygenerator

Easygenerator is one of the world’s leading authoring platforms which had the requirement of getting ISO 27001 certified in order to strengthen the trust our customers have placed in us, as well as to ensure global growth for the product.

Instant 27001 helped us lay the structure for the whole implementation and enabled us to design and implement a fully-fledged ISMS within months. With this, my team managed to implement ISO 27001 throughout the organization within 4 months to receive the certification.

Instant 27001 is definitely the right choice for any company struggling to start with ISO implementation!

Randy Cillekens Getnoticed

Getnoticed is a digital recruitment agency, supporting organizations from small businesses to world wide enterprises with their online recruitment proposition. Most of them make use of Serena, our own recruitment CMS.

Because we process sensitive personal data, large enterprises often demand an ISO certificate. We didn’t have any, but always succeeded in getting the assignment. More than once with compliments from the security department. This is when we decided to make sure we receive the certificate that belongs with the hard work.

At first we just downloaded a copy of the standard and started documenting things in Google Docs. After a while, the stack began to grow and we came to the conclusion this was very labor intensive and error prone. Being convinced we were not the first ones with this problem we asked around, and sure enough someone suggested us to take a look at Instant 27001.

During a demo of Instant 27001 for Confluence with the Jira Companion, it became clear this was the tool we needed to make sure we could maintain our ISMS in the way it should. It also helped us during the audit phase, making sure everything went smoothly. The Jira Companion helps us to keep track of all changes and incidents. It is perfect to make sure all recurring tasks are planned and executed in time.

I can recommend it to everyone!

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