Once the Jira Companion is successfully installed, it is possible to create Jira items from Confluence records in bulk. This is especially useful when transferring all items from the Monitoring plan into Jira.

  • In Confluence, open the page Monitoring plan
  • Within the table, select any text and wait for the popup to appear
  • Select ➕ Create issue

If you do not see this option, your Confluence and Jira instances may not be linked. Click here to resolve this.

  • In the dialog that appears, select Create multiple issues
  • You can now map the fields, as follows:
  • Click Create and all corresponding items will be created in Jira
  • You can go to Jira to refine and assign them to the appropriate people

You may repeat this process for all pages that contain a Page properties report, e.g. Incidents and Changes.

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