1. Importing Jira Companion in a Server or Data Center site is unsupported. Below instructions are provided based on best effort.

2. Restoring a Cloud backup into an on premise instance will not work. Request a backup for Jira Server if necessary.

0. Create a backup

  • Make sure you have a recent backup of your production site before attempting any of the steps below

1. Create a temporary Jira server site

  • Install a new (temporary) Jira Core or Jira Software instance (this must be the same version as your production site)
  • Restore the provided backup of Jira Companion (Server) in the temporary site
  • Regain access to the temporary site using Recovery mode

2. Merge the content with your production site

  • Create a new system backup (this forces the backup file to be in the exact same format as your production site)
  • In your production site, restore the three projects (I27MM, I27CH and I27IN) from the new backup file (read more)



  • Recreate the three projects by hand (side-by-side comparison)

3. Import automation rules

Below instructions are based on Jira Cloud. The screens and URL will be different on Server.

Lastly, the automation rules should be imported into your (production) Jira site.

  • Download and unzip the latest version of the automation rules
  • Select Settings (⚙) > System > Automation > Global automation
  • Select > Import rules
  • Click Upload JSON and select the downloaded .json file
  • Select the four rules and restrict it to the project “Monitoring”
  • Click Next and then Lets’s do this
  • Do not forget to enable the new rules:

4. Remove unnecessary users

Below instructions are based on Jira Cloud. The screens and URL will be different on Server.

When restoring a backup file, Atlassian will automatically add users that are referenced in the backup (e.g. authors of the content) to your site. While this is harmless in itself (these users do not get product access, nor do they receive invitations) we still recommend you to double check User Management (admin.atlassian.com) and remove these users:

5. Delete the temporary Jira site

It is now safe to delete the temporary Jira site.

How did it go?
1. If above instructions did not work, you still have the option to use Jira Companion in a new Cloud site. Atlassian will end support in Februari 2024, so you might as well make a head start 🙂

2. If you have additional feedback how we can improve these instructions, be sure to let us know!

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